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4 Ways to Better Your Book Club

With the talk of New Years Resolutions in full swing, it's time to focus on areas in your life that could use some TLC. However, instead of trying to add new activities to your already hectic lifestyle, look at what you are already doing well and add small tweaks to make those things even better.

Are you in a book club? If not, check out How to Start a Book Club to get inspired. If you are in a book club, that's awesome! Here's a list of four ideas to make your book club even better this year.

1. Be Inclusive

Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and to build community. Don’t limit yourself by sticking with your tight-knit quad. New people add perspective and better conversation. Is there a new girl at work that you've chatted with a couple of times, or did someone recently move into your apartment building? Extend the invite!

2. Add a Theme

Transform typical book club meetings into a party. Pick a theme that goes along with your book and commit. Incorporating a theme can include food, attire, location, decorations, etc. Get creative! Reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed this month? Ask everyone to dress up in hiking gear and serve homemade granola bars.

3. Organize a Pre-Club Activity

Getting together halfway through the month is a great way to see everyone's initial thoughts of the book (and motive the slow readers to get moving!) Feel free to take the advice of tip #2 and make your activity "on theme." A few ideas include:

4. Change Locations

If you always meet at the same coffee shop for book club, mix it up! Take turns hosting at each member's house to make everyone feel involved, or have an outdoor book club picnic during the warm weather months. Do something that makes this month's club meeting a little out of the ordinary.

What other ideas do you have to keep book club spicy?!

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