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How to Start a Book Club

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Books are for sharing, and life is meant for community. The two concepts go hand in hand to create the perfect gift that is Book Clubs! Whether you and your friends have been chatting about starting a Book Club for a while or you just moved to a new city and are trying to find a way to break the ice, Book Clubs are a great way to build a community and gather with friends.

Step One: Pick a Book

I’m a believer in taking charge. If there is a book you’ve been eyeing, make a bold decision and pick for the group. This also tends to make things go quicker rather than the tiring “what do you want to read” and then “I don’t care, whatever you want to read” debate.

Don't overthink it. There are dozens of resources to pick popular books or a book based on your interests. A few recommendations include Likewise, Reese's Book Club, and Book of the Month. Rather than paying for a service like Book of the Month, follow them on Instagram! They post great book recommendations with plot synopsis, author bios, and more.

Step Two: Text a Few Friends

Text a small group of friends (3-4), ask them to join, and encourage them to bring a friend. Book Clubs are a great way to meet new people and to build community. Don’t invite just your tight-knit quad. Instead, pick a few people that vibe, and ask them to extend the invitation.

Text message template: Hi friends!!! I'm starting a Book Club. *insert month*'s book pick is *insert book*. I’ll host Book Club at my house the last week of the month on *date* at *time* for our book club meeting. All are welcome, please invite a friend!!

Text message example: Hi friends!!! I starting a Book Club. October’s book pick is Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty 🍎 its got murder ☠️👻 and it’s got fall vibes 🎃🍂 so it’s on brand for October. I’ll host Book Club at my house the last week of the month on 10/28 at 6 pm for our club meeting. All are welcome, please invite a friend!!

If you don’t know everyone’s reading style, have a seasonal or bimonthly meeting rather than monthly. This allows club members to go at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Step 3: Gather for Book Club

Take turns hosting at different members’ houses. This makes each person feel included and like a necessary member of the club.

For Book Club conversation topics, most popular books include book club discussion questions in the back of the book or online. If you can’t find this resource for your book of choice, ask each member to come prepared with a discussion question. Write all the questions on a piece of paper, put them in the bowl, and take turns selecting and discussing questions.

Step 4: Plan & Repeat

Ask your club members to volunteer to be in charge of the next book club by picking the next book and hosting the next book club meeting.

To ensure the book club remains strong, have the next volunteer pick the book and schedule the next club meeting while you are all together. This way, everyone can review their calendar to schedule the next meeting and provide input.

Step 5: Share More Books!

If you purchased a paperback or hardback book, add a Book Club Card and share it with a friend!

Book Club Cards are library cards that travel with your book as you share them with friends logging readers’ names and cities. Once the card is full, the library card transforms into a postcard and is mailed back to the original card owner, allowing you to celebrate a book well shared.

Happy sharing and happy book clubbing!

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